Custom cosmetic boxes are a necessary need for every cosmetic emerging brand. But Why? To make the brand standout from others, one only need to do some things differently and it spontaneously takes the position of one’s brand in limelight. Custom boxes are an emerging trend in packaging solutions since the past few decades. It relieves the brands the primitive way of opting for default boxes. The boxes which are boring and just same for all of the other brands.

When things are same for all brands, how can you impress your clients?. This can only happen when one goes for custom cosmetic packaging boxes. And if you are looking for cosmetic boxes. Custom cosmetic boxes must be your only choice! But many people restrain from choosing this because they have heard the common myths. Myths that are just society made. And suppress the ultimate chances of your brand’s progress.

1- Custom cosmetic boxes are expensive

Custom packaging for your brand? Isn’t that a lot expensive. This is most common myth heard by the newbies trying to setup their businesses. Being amateur and starters in entrepreneurship, they have less experience and budget but want the best of everything. If you are a new makeup or skincare brand, you need to bring your brand in spotlight and this could only happen when your cosmetic packaging boxes are outstanding. And if you think they are expensive, you are absolutely wrong.

We here at best custom boxes provide you the best of what your band requires. If you are a beginner or a professional in your field and need cosmetic packaging boxes, you can head to our quote page and get a quote now according to your business and budget. BCB provides you the most reliable and budget friendly prices, so eradicate this myth because CUSTOM BOXES ARE NOT EXPENSIVE!

2- Custom printed cosmetic boxes fail to give quality over quantity?

How many of us have heard that when quantity comes it fails the quality? The first thing that your customers look while thinking to buy your product is packaging! Pretty custom printed cosmetic boxes attract more customers. But common myth that many new entrepreneurs hear is that bulk printing subsides the quality. We at BCB confirm you that no matter weather you print 50 boxes or more than 1000 the quality of first box will be clone to last one. Completing the ultimate scenario you need to flourish your brand.

3- Custom Printing the cosmetic boxes takes forever to print

you gave the order to print your custom boxes. Now what? You wait obviously but how long? This is most popular myth of all time. It is often thought that printing boxes takes forever to print, so many opt to use custom labels. But this is what stock and bulk printing press want you to believe. We here at BCB provide you the fastest turnaround for your order. If you even want extra fast delivery, you can contact one of our sub ordinates to get yourself all prepared.

So these are the common myths, people want you to believe them so they can see you failing as a brand. Custom printed boxes must be the only option a new brand must opt for.


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