Every new year’s eve is usually the booming time for the retailers. As all brands are looking forward to renew their business plans and marketing strategies. This provides the retail stores with an opportunity to reach out to more business partners and brands to get featured and increase their business by using retail custom packaging . However,

2020 started with different plans!

It brought Covid-19 pandemic upon the world instead of bringing the expected prosperity.

The only solution to the situation was lockdown and social distancing. Therefore, we saw majority of the public switching towards the online mediums of shopping. All every day use items to groceries and clothes can be shopped online now. Meanwhile, whereas the pandemic has influenced economic, health and political sectors, it has also shifted retail Custom Packaging trends considerably.

Meanwhile, we have to do social distancing and take precautionary measures so we can avoid the risk of getting infected. This is the only way to flatten the curve. This requirement has affected many industries, including the packaging industry.

Social Commerce

Within a timespan of weeks to month, we saw the virus indulging all nations; third world to first world countries. No state was spared of it, although some were able to recover from it considerably, but they are only one or two. Whereas the rest of the world is still facing gruesome health challenges.

Therefore, online shopping has become the safest choice. This shift has further empowered the digital market. Where the digital market was already growing considerably, now with the current situation, we can only determine it to be booming further.

It can be said that the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat were initially used for the sole purpose of socialization in the beginning. However, now play a crucial role in developing brand’s image and marketing. So it has become mandatory for brands to design their Custom Boxes in the manner that appeal to their online buyers as well. The style that makes them stand out beautifully to the netizens and instantly urges them to buy the products.

Products Are Judged by Their Looks

Although we have often heard the phrase, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, the same rule does not apply to the product packaging anymore. The way you present your product in the retail market (although it is still limited) and on online platforms (websites and social media sites) plays a huge role in creating your brand image and attracting clients for you.

Custom Packaging services, like ours, provide you with the freedom to design your Custom Boxes on your own. This allows you to reflect your packaging style effectively in your packaging. You can add different features like foiling, lamination, unique color combination, glitter to ribbon in your boxes. Also, add ons like window, die cut shapes and handles to make your Custom Packaging easily noticeable. It will help you easily mesmerize clients the beauty of your products.

Reduced Workforce

One of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of the corona virus is social distancing. Therefore, we observed lockdowns in many states. However, many businesses are beginning to resume operations after being shut down for a considerable time. Although they have substantially reduced the workforce to follow the SOPs and facilitate these distancing measures. This aspect has limited the workflow but it is better than doing nothing.

The same is the case with our team. We’ve shrank our in-house team to only the limited number of employees whereas the rest work remotely to ensure you get your desired packaging boxes without compromising at health or product quality.

Contextual Packaging

Nowadays, you can easily find contextual packaging around us. We can find numerous products that have added specific portions regarding the Covid-19 precautions and measures on their packaging. This is only possible with Custom Boxes services like ours. It enables the brand to reach out to their audience in the most required manner. Furthermore, build trust and authenticity most conveniently.

More Focused Branding

As the public is still restricting their interaction at public places, so their shopping has also become limited to the places and brands they already know about. So you need to pay more attention to retail Custom Packaging in order to build a significant brand image. Otherwise your products would be left behind even if they are of decent quality.

You can easily achieve the goal by paying more attention to your product type and audience – understanding what they want right now and fulfill their need to fil the gap. Moreover, by getting most durable packaging materials like corrugated boxes and rigid boxes for advanced safety of the product in regard to increased transit requirements.

More Packaging Requirements

In the current situation, you can easily catch the virus from anything. Every human and basically any surface can become a prime hub for virus.

So this risk has created a demand for more single use packaging. Especially when it comes to food packaging.

How Best Custom Boxes Has Adapted to the New Normal?

Concluding it all, we can say that no one is sure anymore when and how things will go back to the ways before pandemic hit our lives. But the latest catchphrase ‘the new normal’ seems like becoming our reality now. As the lifespan of this situation is still unpredictable. So the long term social, economic and health impacts of the Covid-19 virus are also unknown.

Therefore, Best Custom Boxes has adapted to the new normal by taking all precautionary measures at their all departments and adapting to the materials and standards that are desirable in such circumstances.

We hope that things develop more progressively and positively in the coming weeks. But we can’t deny the fact that it has fundamentally changed the reality for retailers. It’s time to face it and start adapting.


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