Considered the ongoing global pandemic and constant hesitation from stepping out the coronavirus has imposed upon us, the reliance on online shopping has grown significantly and it can be seen as here to stay permanently.

Today we can find hundreds of brands, new and renowned ones, shifting to online platforms and diverting their resources and ideas into making their online presence prominent, presentable and impressive. Due to which ecommerce businesses are anticipated to grow by 265%, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion by the end of 2021 as per emarketers statistics, 2014-2017.

Meanwhile, so the online presence through product photographs, custom boxes and its artwork will be playing the most crucial role on attracting customers for you, alongside your effective marketing strategy and the positive feedback on your sites.

So the way you present your packaging on your website and social media platforms would make a huge impact on your target audience!

But before we dive into the process of creating ideal packaging for your e-business products, let’s take a brief look at what e-commerce is exactly.

What Is E-Commerce?

E-commerce is the practice of selling and buying products electronically through online services, or through the internet”

Now, since the internet was first opened for public use around 1991, we have seen it becoming more and more popular. Starting from becoming a mean of communication with far-off friends, family and businesses to becoming an integral part of our daily routine. Meanwhile, the history of e-commerce can also be traced back to the same year and found closely intertwined with the introduction of the internet; as selling and buying became possible for commercial purpose as well.

In the current time and especially after the pandemic, we can clearly find it becoming the center of future market. So starting the discussion and observations about what serves the best to keep the services best is quite crucial for survival in such times.

How Much Important Custom Packaging is for Such Business?

In regard to online world, how much importance a nice packaging has for your business?

Well, if looking from the perspective of online platform and a buyer, your product placement and packaging style would play an influential and active role in driving customer’s buying decisions.

A good packaging ensures that your product is displayed most impressively, the respective product is nicely put and safely delivered to your customers, can add undeniable value to your product. Moreover, with Custom Packaging services, you can have your logo placement, distinct features, theme based artwork and interactive add ons like thankyou notes, tags and labels all which would help you in developing an authentic brand image.

So let’s get started!

Define Your Output Requirements and the Budget, Accordingly

As the first step towards designing your Custom Packaging for e-commerce business , you need to understand what you’re actually looking for. Are you a new seller and launching your new product? Are you an already reputable brand shifting to adapt the modern culture and thus, starting the website? Are you looking to target huge audience or in specific some targeted category of people? How many products you expect to sell in a certain period of time and how much of the margin you are able to invest into your product?

All these questions will help you clear your perspective, and therefore, help you in drawing your budget limit as your all further decisions will be directed accordingly.

Decide the Quantity of the Boxes You Need

After deciding the budget for your packaging, you need to decide the quantity of the boxes you need to order. This will drive your other choices. As we do not keep the boxes stored, every order is prepared from the scratch. So the overall order quote is divided into the number of custom boxes you require.

Meanwhile, in case of low quantity order, going for high end feature options, material stocks and printing method may come very costly per unit for you. Whereas when the same order requirements are divided into greater number of boxes, it will definitely cost less per unit.

So it is definitely wise and better to deicide at the earlier stage. So you make your other decisions accordingly.

Choose the Packaging Style As Per Your End Requirements

It is very important for you to know what you are looking for in your packaging. Depending upon your product type and size, you will have to choose the packaging box style.

By this stage, and with the complete cooperation and guidance of our customer care providers, you will be discovering different box styles. As every box style serves and suits the best for a particular purpose, so the end use of your product will be the base in this process.

While making this choice, you will also have to consider how you want to place your product inside the packaging box. Because the product dimension and inside setting will develop the packaging structure.

There are numerous styles to choose from; from roll end tuck top, regular slotted box, book style, collapsible box to window box style. You can choose the box style that you think will serve the best for your purpose.

Select the Box Material

Selecting the box material is as important as selecting the box style. There is no shortage of variety in packaging materials, which provides each seller with the opportunity to create a unique packaging to creatively attract customers towards your brand.

There are numerous box materials but following are the most commonly utilized and for the aside mention purposes;

Cardboard cosmetics, skincare items, food, and light weight products.
  • Corrugated skincare products, men’s cosmetics, clothing and accessories, health products to the vulnerable items that may require more durable packaging.
  • Bux Board appliances, stationary, electronics, and mailer packaging of all sorts of products.
  • Rigid high end product’s packaging.
  • Kraft alike cardboard material, it can also be used for packaging numerous products.

    These different packaging materials are offered normally and each material cost would vary. So make sure you discuss it properly with our team beforehand.


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