Since the evolution of product advertisement , different promotion methods are adopted for improving products. Promotion methods are used to increase brand recognition and coverage. Promotion is done in many ways such as commercials, product quality, and product packing, etc. However, there is one unique method that is used to promote bottled products. This method is using a Custom Bottle Necker for product advertisement . These Neckers do not provide safety or any other such feature but they are responsible for product promotion. Most bottles such as wines or fizzy drink bottles use these Neckers for promotions.

Unique Advertisement

Many products are stacked on shelves of outlets and shops. These products belong to different brands and are competing with each other. Every brand desires that their product stands out from the rest. This requires excellent product presentation. Most of the brands provide good quality drinks. Most brands provide good-quality glass bottles filled with drinks. And many brands provide good box packing for their bottles. However, some brands take advertisement to next level and use a unique approach. These brands place Custom Bottle Neckers on bottles to increase the presentation of bottles. This method is adopted by many beverage industries and many bottles can be seen with these items stacked on supermarket and outlet shelves.

Design Ideas for Bottle Neckers

Neckers are designed and inserted on the bottles to increase the promotion and presentation of products. However, to improve product presentation, these items must be designed in unique ways. Neckers are designed in stylish shapes whereas some are given a rectangular shape for a traditional look. Furthermore, most Neckers have a smooth finish and are colored with a dark shade. Apart from a smooth finish, matte and gloss finish are also applied on these items. Neckers are available mostly in cardboard material, the same material used to make boxes.

Customized Neckers

Boxes for storing items can be modified and customized. Similarly, Bottle Neckers can be modified and customized for a stylish look. Customization can be done in several ways. Neckers can be transformed into multiple shapes and sizes all depending upon user demands. Matte, gloss, or plain finish can be selected by the user and produced with ease. Moreover, colors can be selected from a wide range to make these items stand out. Images and texts are added in stylish fonts that provide a vibrant look. In this way, a perfectly customized Necker provides extra advertisement features for the bottle.

Inexpensive Yet Efficient

One of the prime features of Neckers for Bottles is that they can be used in multiple ways. Neckers can be used instead of bottle boxes to provide an inexpensive selling method. Instead of spending bucks on a large number of boxes, users can label bottles with these Neckers. Prices, special features, and other useful information can be added to these Neckers. These advertisement items can overtake the boxes with ease. Boxes can become a thing of the past very soon with increased use of these Neckers.

Custom Bottle Neckers are efficient as well. These Neckers allow easy marketing of the bottle being delivered. Instead of using boxes and labeling them on all sides, a Necker can come in handy. Neckers are printed on one side only with only useful information. Useful information is usually the price and special features of the beverage or any promotion. This makes the user spend less time reading the bottle and decide instantly whether to buy or not.

Why Bottle Neckers?

The race for quick selling is getting faster each year. To compete in this race, brands focus on several things. Product quality, bottle, and packing quality are focused. Promoting the product is also essential for brand promotion. For these reasons, brands are working each year to improve advertisement methods for their products. Neckers are designed for bottles for this very reason. The main reason for their popularity is that they are cheap compared to using a packing box. Apart from low prices, they effectively and precisely display useful information about products. These items will soon take the place of packing boxes and would be seen attached to many items.


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