We all know that all the manufacturers are using stylish packaging just to give their products a stand-out look when placed on retail shelves. And in all such packaging box styles, you will meet a different of them such as window, gable, and two-piece and so on. But among all of them having pillow box packaging is something which is getting extremely popular and is in demand.

Brands make use of custom pillow boxes just to give the whole product prominence and attraction to target the customers. But for that sake, you need to add the pillow box with the designs which are unique and hence they are equally stylish according to the vibrant appeal of the product. You can have the pillow box packaging to be available in a diversity of shapes and styles with some decorated add-ons that are to be part of it on the whole. Pillow boxes are available in a diversity of sizes so make sure you choose a smaller box for the small objects and a bigger one for the big items.

Right through this guide, we will explain to you some amazing designs of pillow boxes to pick right now and take benefit of it. Have a look below:

1. Window boxes in pillow shape

You can add the custom pillow boxes with the effect of a die-cut window which makes it look interesting and catchier as well. There is although a limited space that is part of the pillow box design. But the involvement of the window will make it look appealing and fancy for the customers. You can add the pillow box with the die-cutting designs which are available in different variations. This will be enhancing the overall beauty of the product on the retail shelves.

Window boxes in the pillow shape are best to be used for the gift packaging or even for the packing of candies or chocolates. Hence, you can also use such window boxes if the product is in the need of high exposure to target customers at just one glimpse.

2. Die-cut handle on boxes

Next, we have the design of die-cut handles on the pillow boxes which makes it easy for you to carry it around from one place to another. Hence, this adds extra beauty into the boxes with extra stylishness and hence increases the overall usability too. It rather becomes a lot easy for you to carry the gift items or the products. This can be either small cakes, toys, soaps, or candies. For an extra attraction, you can add both the window and die-cut handle on the boxes. This will make it look amazing.

3. Pillow Kraft boxes

Kraft has always remained one of the most recyclable materials for the manufacturing of custom pillow boxes in great diversity. This material is best for designing the boxes in various styles and shapes to pack them in an organized manner. You will find the common use of Kraft boxes in the retail, cosmetic, and food industries.

As the Kraft boxes are simple in appearance, but you can make it look attractive with simple designing work. Always design it according to the product requirements. Involvement of the amazing design over the Kraft boxes is best for packing the candles. You can use it to pack even the soap bars and a few of your daily items.

How you can buy pillow boxes online?

Over the last few years, the use of pillow boxes has been getting so common. And this high demand has also raised the need of buying pillow boxes online. There are so many brands and industries that are choosing pillow box designs online just to fulfill their basic needs. For the selection of pillow boxes, you need to be careful about what sort of box designs you want. Consider for what purpose you are using them. In the same way, the material to be used in the production of the custom pillow boxes will play an equal important role. You can get in touch with the competitor brands and figure out what sort of box designs they are using. It is always the best option to find something which falls in the line with latest box trends.


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