services are totally exclusive for each order

Before confirming your Custom Packaging order, you should probably get the sample of your chosen design first. Here are the reasons how doing this can serve well in your regard.

There is no doubt about the fact that ordering your Custom Packaging can become a quite nerve-wrecking experience, especially if you’re ordering it for the first time as a new seller, or working for the first time with any platform. Knowing that your all resources and efforts are invested into the process, and certainly it all relies upon the single outcome packaging box.

However, to cope with the same fear and help reduce the uncertainties, we offer our customers to get a digital or physical sample kit of their designs for Printed Custom Boxes before the actual production phase starts.

As a custom service provider, we start from scratch with every order. So our services are totally exclusive for each order.

Meanwhile, getting a digital prototype for your artwork approval and other minor detail amendments is the luxury our customers already enjoy without paying anything extra charges. But for physical sample kit, a special request has to be granted. The cost for samples will also vary as per your chosen features, box material, cardstock and add ons.

Custom Packaging sample is essentially a prototype of your packaging boxes. They can be in digital form as well as physical. As they are exclusively made for the sake of testing the artwork, material, build and overall quality, so they can also be made with more focused on one perspective or another.

For example, if you intend to only consider the overall structure and build of the packaging, then you acquire structural samples. In this, your boxes will probably be delivered without any design or colors on them, as the purpose of these samples is to test the structure and size of your box.

Moreover, as the sample is prepared before the order is sent to the production department, so it is often also called as pre-production sample kit. Although, the name is commonly referred as general term, but it indicates that all aspects of the final order shall be reflected into the sample product, so your sample packaging will be made identical to the final packaging. So you can get the idea for complete packaging easily at one time.

Why You Need to Get Them?

There are many plausible reasons on why you should get them before you place your Custom Packaging order.

  1. Be Sure of Your Box Quality and Features

When you order a sample, it will help you in understanding how your packaging will look like as a final product. There are several types of samples, out of which production-grade category ticks all the requirements perfectly with a little inclined focus towards material quality. The models are made to qualify all requirements; from box material, printing to features, finishes and other add-ons.

It allows you to be sure of your packaging’s visible quality, and how they would be perceived by the audience. It will enable you to alter the choices, if required. However, if not, then you can easily proceed with your order and confirm it right away to get your desirable Printed Custom Boxes for your favourable sales outcomes effectively.


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