We all are well aware of the fact that Custom Packaging has become the business need of the current time.

All brands have started to make their exclusive packaging ranges to complement their product display and presentation in the market. Different materials, features, styles, and add ons are used to make the ideal and personalized packaging for the brand.

The market trends constantly keep on changing, there is no ambiguity about it. Sometimes the rigid boxes are preferred. And other times, gold foiling is trending. However, such trends are also relevant to the audience and product type.

But since the last few decades, we have observed a new development that seems rather generic to all these factors and that is the inclination towards sustainable packaging!

Time and again researchers have proved this as well that consumers also like brands that care for nature and produce environment-friendly Custom Boxes . As customers have started to be conscious about their wastage, and consumption choices so they’re also willing to pay for such alternative solutions. This provides you with an opportunity to reduce your waste and potentially generate more revenue while decreasing your negative impact with ecological product packaging.

Here are the ways you can make your Custom Boxes sustainable.

Use Non-Virgin and Recyclable Material for Packaging

Being aware of your product lifecycle will help you in choosing the right material for your packaging. The type of box material you use for the production of your product boxes relies upon its type. However, you can still choose to get the Custom Packaging that is made with non-virgin material. Such materials are pre-used materials and recyclable to be utilized again.

Such materials are used in cardboard boxes, bux board boxes, corrugated boxes, and kraft boxes. More impressively, the kraft packaging is made with environment-friendly material. It means that it won’t destroy the natural cycles through pollution, or add more to climate change. So switching towards kraft packaging can be a reasonable choice for you.

Don’t Oversize the Packaging

Custom Packaging means designing your product boxes in any shape, style, and print. So if you’re shipping products in oversized boxes, you’re defying the purpose. Furthermore, you are throwing away a lot of money and creating unnecessary packaging waste. It also means that your products won’t fit the box right and you will need to include inserts, paddings, and add ons to keep them safe and secure during the shipping process.

So by making sure that your printed boxes are just of the right size, you can deduce a considerable amount of the waste material as well as the resources.

Make it Reusable

As a consequence of the demand for sustainable boxes, reusable packaging is making waves in the packaging industry. Sustainability is all about reducing wastage and making choices that are in favor of a productive and healthier environment. So the packaging alternate which can be utilized for more than one time, for different purposes, is a ground-breaking solution. It helps conserve non-renewable resources, which is a big achievement in this regard. For example, if you sell jewelry items, packaging in reusable and funky jewelry boxes that can be utilized for other decorative purposes can be innovative. Moreover, introducing reusable and refillable shampoo bottles, as a shampoo seller, can also help you drastically reduce your business’s environmental impact.

Reduce the Unnecessary Packaging Items

Adding extra paddings, chips, cards, and inserts have become quite a trend. But although they look appealing, many of them don’t serve any purpose. So reducing such unnecessary packaging items will enable you to take a step forward towards the claim and set an example for other producers.

But how to make sure you don’t miss any service while ensuring sustainability?

  • The shift towards digital slips and invoices.
  • Avoid adding extra custom cards. For sharing your story, and greeting your customers, print on the inner side of your boxes.
  • Use recycled material for inserts and dividers.
  • Avoid the need for void fillers by using custom-sized packaging.

State Your Efforts Clearly In the Market!

What would be the use of all your efforts and hard work you have put in if your audience is unaware of it? How people will know of your initiatives and support you? You need to market your efforts! Let everyone know about your conscious choices and let them feel inspired by your thoughtfulness.

So putting a label, phrase, or recyclable logo prominently on your Custom Boxes can serve the purpose. Also, don’t shy away from creating a story and giving your consumers ideas on how to utilize the packaging even once they have received the product.

Last but the most impactful, use your social media platforms and digital voices to convey your message and efforts to the world and set an example in the market. This will secure you a reputable image in the market, and bring you at the top choice among the consumers!

With just these simple steps, you can be at the top. Serve what’s in demand, and become everyone’s favorite fortnightly!


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