Do you know what the main purpose of mailer boxes is? For what sake you can use it for your brand promotion and for increasing customer purchase? Well, we all know that the diverse use of attractive mailer boxes have been evident when it was used for the shipping of the items in the safest manner. Mailer box is not just about the simple box design. It is divided into different designs, shapes and many new trends which are being followed upon. In short, it is the best medium with which you can give your brand the best outlook and make it look be the noticeable one.

For some people, the mailer box is similar to the subscription box. But there is a considerable difference between the two of them in terms of product packing. Mailer box is aiming to deliver the products to the customers securely and safely. But at the same time, you can even use it as an effective tool of marketing as well.

Right through this guide, we will help you to know about the latest designing trends about attractive mailer boxes to follow in 2021

1. Kraft Attractive Mailer Boxes

Kraft is one such material that is generally used for the better convenience of the products for packaging purposes. Plus, they are even environmentally friendly due to the use of great printing materials which you can recycle as well. Plus they are equally safe in the ecosystem too which makes them durable enough to let the product stay secure.

2. Custom Box Inserts

If you want the product to stay in one place and let it stay organized, then choosing custom box inserts should be your first choice. This will give the whole packaging extra layering for better protection. Especially in the field of cosmetics, the use of mailer boxes with inserts has been best use up at a premium level. You can customize the custom inserts according to the shape and sizing of your products along with the box dimensions.

3. Custom Printed Stickers

Another most common box style has been the printed stickers use over the custom boxes . This is the best way with which you can add the boxes with some personalization effects. You can often add the label of your brand on top of the box or even at the surface for a proper brand advertisement. Usage of the stickers is the best option for the aesthetic feel into the whole product look and promotes what your brand is. Some brands hence consider adding their boxes with die-cut stickers as well.

4. Blank Canvas

Mailer boxes are also available as in blank canvas with which you can give your brand a pleasing look. Having 6 sides of the box, you are granted so many options to add some creativity into the box. This will be ranging within the personalized message for grabbing the attention of customers.

With the custom gift boxes packaging, you will be able to tailor the needs of people and their requirements which their customers expect from them. Hence, in the end, you will experience high sales with great brand recognition and some amazing benefits.

5. Minimal Kraft & white

Some of the brands choose some fancy designs. But many of them do with the old trends and opt for the minimal Kraft and white effects. The reason to have the white design is just to add the box design with some simple and plain variations. This is how you will be able to communicate with your customers. Just let them know what your brand is all about. You should hence also check out what your competitor brands have been offering and see what sort of designs they are following upon in the designing of attractive mailer boxes .


Well apart from all such designing trends, there are different new and creative ideas which you will find in the mailer boxes for your product display. You should hence always try to look for something which is unique and is out of the world for the rest of the competitor brands. Making your brand look different should be your main goal. Design the box with the box variations which are according to the latest trends and fall within the requirements of your customers. Go for it now!


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