Bottles are one of the most common means of storing liquids. Apart from liquids, bottles are used to store numerous other items. Extra items include jams, jellies, tomato and garlic sauces, etc. These bottles are then stored inside boxes that are specifically designed for them. Custom Bottle boxes have a wide variety in size, shape, strength, and product use. Boxes are available in shops and outlets to accommodate bottles. These boxes are a great source of providing safety and care to the bottles that are stored. With specifically designed boxes, bottles are now getting extra safety in packing.

Product Visibility with Boxes

Boxes are a great alternative to paper and plastic bags. In terms of brand promotion, paper and plastic bags are outdated. Paper bags do not provide any means of product visibility. Plastic bags provide product visibility but have low security and strength. All issues are solved by boxes that are made from cardboard. Boxes are designed in a way to increase product visibility and promotion. Boxes nowadays have a see-through plastic material that provides a view of the product stored. Some boxes leave the space wide open so the user can touch and observe the product stored. These methods have made boxes a great source of promotion and customer attraction.

Stylish Packing

Boxes for storing bottles are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Custom Bottle boxes have designed cut-holes so that the bottles can be inserted into them. Inserted bottles are held tightly in those cut-holes thus increasing safety. Boxes are even crafted in a way that they include lifting portions which is another good marketing strategy. Sizes of boxes vary depending upon the bottle which is stored. Some boxes are available to accommodate more than one bottle. This consumes only one box and thus lesser space. Else patterns are included in boxes to provide a stylish outlook. This stylish look is usually present for energy drink bottles. Further customizations are done with boxes. These include printing logos trademarks and different images related to products. Additionally, vibrant color is added to provide a sharp view of the overall product.

Boxes for All Bottle Types

Bottle boxes are designed to store and contain all bottle types. A wide variety of boxes are available to use for different bottles.

Boxes for Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are the most consumed beverages across the world. Tons of soft drinks are sold daily throughout the world. For this reason, boxes are used to store half and a dozen soft drinks. This allows shops and outlets to sell multiple soft drink bottles using one packing box. Generally, soft drinks with plastic and glass bottles are stored in these boxes. For security, these boxes have dividers and padding material between bottles.

Boxes for Canned Soft Drinks

Canned soft drinks are also quite popular due to their small size and cheap prices. However, they can be stored in boxes for easy shipping or delivery. Half and dozen canned soft drinks are stored inside a single box and delivered with ease. Boxes used for canned soft drinks use the auto-lock feature and are smaller in size.

Boxes for Other Bottles

A wide variety of boxes are available for storing various other bottles. These bottles include medicine syrups, jams, jellies, pickles, tomato and garlic sauces, etc. Boxes are designed to store and contain these boxes with safety and ease.


Cardboard boxes have increased strength and security compared to paper and plastic bags. This feature of boxes makes them a great alternative to paper and plastic bags. Custom Bottle boxes are used to store bottles with ease but with increased safety. Glass, as well as plastic bottles, can be easily stored in these boxes. However, glass requires extra care during packing. For this purpose, boxes for bottles have some padding materials such as soft cotton. This material separates bottles and prevents damage during jerks. Boxes also use dividers to increase the safety of stored bottles manifolds.

Moreover, it is easier to stack boxes than products or items. Products such as bottles are stacked on shelves but not over another. Boxes resolve this problem. They can be stored and stacked over one another and thus use minimum space.


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