The love for candles is not newly found. However, with the high demands of stressing routines and global access to different brands and platforms, this obsession has been fed considerably.

Candles were the essential need for light in the past. But ironically today when we have electronic light bulbs and sources for that, it has become an obsession. It has grown to become a luxury treat, especially when the candles are scented.

Candle Businesses Are Thriving!

There is no ambiguity about it that the candle manufacturing business, the good ones though, are thriving currently. Other than using them as soothing treatment, or for decorative purposes, candles with good scent, texture, and Candle Boxes are even used as a gift on various occasions.

As a seller, you want to increase your sales and expand the range of your audience. Where packaging your candles, as they are delicate items, is a requirement, but what if you could boost your sales and achieve business goals more effectively with just a bit more considerate approach towards your candle packaging?

Now, that’s something you shouldn’t sleep on.

Create Your Individual Product Type Packaging

There is no single type of candle. They are not only diverse in their functions, styles, outlooks but also shapes and fragrances. So how each product will stand out if you pack them all in the same bland box?

So be it a pillar, tea light, decorative, scented, taper, or votive candles, we can help you create distinctly personalized and customized packaging for your every product. All you need to do is add a little variety in prints, shapes, materials, colour codes, add-ons, or illustrations, as per requirements.

Here is an essential guide to personalizing your Candle Packaging in the simple steps for you=>

1. Choose the right material

The basic purpose of Candle Packaging is nevertheless protecting the product and safely deliver it to the customer’s doorstep. Meanwhile, according to the end-use, transit requirements, candle’s delicacy, and your budget, choose the material that ticks all the demands. Cardboard boxes can be used for most of the candle packaging, however, heavy decorative candles or candles with glass cases and high-end appeal are usually packed in bux board boxes. You can also use rigid or kraft material for your custom candle packaging. There is no limitation about anything! Just sort out what you need and get it all from our services.

2. Create the packaging style and design outlook

The next step is designing the packaging. What type of design do you want? Funky? Minimal? Modern? Vintage? Well, it all should completely rely upon your candle and audience type. Product packaging is something that should reflect your product type and interact with your customers adequately.

3. Add your brand name and logo

Don’t miss the branding! After all, that’s the crucial part of custom packaging. It’s important to let your customers know who made the product and help them remember it. Make it easy for them to spot your candles among your competitors. It also helps you in building brand awareness and brand image in the market.

4. Precisely state what makes your products different

Add the details like product specifications, ingredients, benefits, warnings, expiry date, and what makes your product different from the other products. Create the demand for your product! Intrigue their curiosity by showing them what your candle offers and give them a reason to prefer your products over other brands!

5. Don’t forget to share your mission

Another important liberty that custom packaging gives you is that you can share your story or mission on your packaging. You can directly print it on the back of your printed Candle Boxes . You can also add cards, labels, stickers, or tags that speak to your potential customers.

And voila!

Remember, packaging defines you and your product. Furthermore, if custom packaging is done strategically, it will immediately build a sense of relation and reliability, and build an authentic brand-customer relationship. So, when deciding on what type of Candle Packaging suits your product best, keep in mind the experience you want your customers to have. It will shape a clear path for you to develop an ideal packaging for your product that guarantees your success and growth as a brand.


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