Continuously growing threats from climate change, increasing inequality and poor working conditions, pollution and other escalating related issues speak loudly enough to everyone that we can no more afford using products, services, and resources that add more to the mentioned issues.

In the light of it and as an outcome of recent global movements addressing climate condition and call for urgent action, people have become really conscious about their choices. People want to be very considerate about the products they buy and consume. They have started preferring brands that claim to serve nature friendly alternatives to harmful practices.

It also includes Custom Boxes ; they like the product and brand more immediately if they receive it packaged in environment friendly boxes.

Why It is Getting Popular Day by Day?

It is certainly more than a style statement. No doubt many people also like such packages because they find it ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’, but there is also no lack of customers who genuinely appreciate and preach such little gestures and brand choices.


It’s because sustainable Custom Boxes are all about reducing the carbon footprint from all the stages in the product’s life-cycle. It also helps both the brand and its customers in contributing more positively to the nature and society.

However, there are certain clear benefits and reasons for why in future we would be seeing a lot more of environment-friendly packaging .

Shows Corporate Social Responsibility

Whenever a brand decides to package their products in kraft boxes , sustainable packaging boxes, it shows that it is taking socially responsible decisions and making efforts to play their role in making the society a better place for future.

Meanwhile, the corporate social responsibility means a business is committed to enhancing the environment and society, and does not intend to bring more harm through them. Many renowned brands like Walmart, have also introduced their sustainable Custom Packaging goals in the last few years. Walmart is the world renowned retail store, so when it has taken this step then it means that the following brands will be making the similar efforts to not get lost among other brands and stay related to the audience.

Moreover, we can see different independent brands coming up with nature friendly products and packaging solutions to help us reduce the pollution index. It also provides people with the opportunity to play their individual roles as well.

Corona Just Happened!

We all know that 2020 was the year that scared and confined us all to our homes. Thus, people will be becoming more cautious about natural conditions. They will be making their every effort to reduce planet waste and plastic consumption as they have already been shaken once with the deadly outcomes of natural havocs, and seeing how inefficient the world is in handling such situations, there is no chance we can handle another one in near future. We are, in fact, still failing miserably in handling the currently faced pandemic . So forget about polluting the Earth further.

Consumer Conscience Drives Demand

Nielsen’s survey results showed that consumers are actually more willing to purchase products that provide sustainable solutions. We can see glass jars, glass straws, wooden culinary, wooden spoons and teeth brushes, and bamboo packaging styles becoming quite common and adored globally to replace plastic, whilst the kraft packaging remains most reliable choice when it comes to Custom Packaging .

As per Futerra, a US based creative agency promoting sustainable solutions, recent survey that included over 1,000 consumers from the UK and USA, 96% of the people felt the social responsibility and wanted to be more contributing through their actions. Therefore, they were more willing and eager to go with the brands that offered them with the options to recycle, donate or ethically make the purchase without the guilt of producing more pollution.

So this consciousness has also driven the demand for sustainable and if, due to any reason, some brands would still not choose to adapt to it. Then there are high risks of them getting outdated, and crumbled down in short time. As the market situation is already very tough, amid the saturation and competition ratio, so brands will have to switch their packaging approach as per the consumer demands. Otherwise, customers would not take much time in prioritizing other brands over them.

Similarly, there are also definitely opportunities for companies to gain competitive advantage through the development of an environmentally friendly strategy without sacrificing product quality or consumer convenience.

Less Wastage, More Productivity and Optimisation

Where it is beneficial for the society from climate perspective, it is also advantageous for brand owners as well. As you will be switching towards recycling, and reusing the materials, the overall cost for production would also decrease. Furthermore, the waste material will also decrease that is otherwise required to be released or dealt with. So you would also be saving from that side. Also, there will be less waste in packaging design. It will increase sustainability in manufacturing, operations and the supply chain.

Interestingly, in 2018 a survey was conducted by World Business Council for Sustainable Development, it founded that companies, the study included overall 141 different companies, that used sustainable strategies performed better in almost every market segment than their respective counterparts.

This can help you see all the reasons why you immediately need to change your Custom Packaging approach and switch towards more nature sustainable solutions.


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