2021 is the year that brought some hope and optimism for better and reliable future after all uncertainties the global pandemic unveiled to us. 2020 was not the regular year it brought clamor, deaths and fear to human lives. The only way to avoid further damage was to stay quarantined, socially distanced and lockdown emerged as only savior in such uncertain situation.

Lockdown was seen as savior and plausibly positive solution in regard to human lives whereas for businesses, it became destructive as market was required to shut down. Fortunately, technology came to the rescue and almost all businesses have shifted to online these days. Meanwhile, customers love having interesting designs printed on their packaging, aesthetic packaging illustrations and style immediately wins over them. However people also easily get bored of some idea so business owners have to constantly look for ways to keep them engaged with their products and this is where custom packaging services comes in.

Consumer and industry trends for packaging drive this gigantic growth rate. These trends are constantly changing and to better utilize it for generating your audience, you must understand this phenomenon that can only be done by staying up-to date with the recent market trends. Where future is not predictable but, fortunately, market trends can be foreseen by paying a little attention to what customers are preferring in current time. And if observed keenly, and rightly, you can prepare yourself to play your role well in the market way ahead of your competitors.

In this article, we will be sharing with you the top custom boxes trends for 2021.

As it was the need of the hour to shift businesses to online to sustain the pandemic and economic downfall, 2020 saw an emergence of minimalist design, however, 2021 will build further on this concept through a variety of design considerations.

Usually when someone talks about high end packaging Rigid Boxes immediately comes in the mind. But this article is not limited to any one type of packaging. By using these packaging design trends appropriately you can create a premium experience whether you are producing a folding carton or corrugated box for your e-commerce business.

But remember that these are just our considerate suggestions.

You still have the freedom to get creative and take risks with your designs. After all, this is what custom packaging is all about.

It may be the accelerator for success your company has been looking for!

Digital Printing Revolution

Although Digital Printing Revolution started around 2019, but 2021 is the year we will be seeing it thriving. From little floral designs, custom illustrations, characters to quotations and simple taglines all these can take your packaging to the next level. Therefore, digital printing can be seen at almost every other packaging today. Companies have realize its importance and does not shy away from experimenting with their packaging to attract different types of audiences.

Bold Gradient Colours

In such instagramable era where every brand prefers advertising their products on social sites especially on Instagram, which has become hub for product advertising, promotional content and aesthetic unboxing trends. Therefore, companies have started focusing on their packaging exclusively. They are especially designed to catch viewers’ attention and allure them into buying the product without resisting for a while. Meanwhile, gradients are one of the tools that can help you achieve exactly that. We all have certainly seen and loved packaging videos trending on the internet that had shinny and gradient colour scheme of bold colours. This is what you should pay heed to. Bold Gradient Colours work like a charm on Netizens that will stop them from scrolling down further and instantly make their purchase so they can get the same packaging for themselves too.

Minimalistic Approach

The trend of minimalistic designs never runs out of time. There has always been certain amount of audience that adored minimalistic patterns, box style and overall packaging approach. However, there was never such massive preference by public until recent years. Probably the fast driven life and its demands has led them into finding solace, aesthetic vibes and peace from such simple packaging. Meanwhile, this is what should not be ignored. For business, even a slightest benefit can work in a longer run and no percentage of customers should be overlooked. You never know which style can create hype for you and increase your sales overnight.

Vintage Inspired Illustrations

Vintage inspired designs have been trending since quite a time now. But need for feeling a connection with our family, homes and loved ones will only intensify people’s love for such designs in 2021. This year it will hit differently and therefore, vintage inspiredcustom boxes will be loved and adored dearly by everyone.

Anything that connects us with our childhood certainly brings back a lot of memories and gave nostalgia that is incomparable to latest contemporary designs. So this year we will observe more authentic vintage inspiredprinted packagingapproaches finding home in people’s hearts and consequently, providing the packed product a space on their shelves.

Neutral Colour Palettes

The love for neutral colour shades can be seen reflected in many products. From cosmetics, furniture, clothing to food products even, people can’t resist neutral colour tones. So you should not forget this while designing yourcustom boxes neutral colour palettes should become your best buddies while you prepare your packaging for 2021.

Engaging Designs Interact with Your Clients Through Custom Boxes

Product Packaging does not serve only one purpose of safety, unlike in the past. It can be used for promotional purposes and as inexpensive but very effective marketing tool. You can design your boxes in a way to portray your story and speak to your target audience directly on your behalf. Consider the recent packaging of soft drinks, clothing brands and food products that had celebrities featured at the packaging for conveying their message to the world. Moreover, you can add quotes and short messages that are considered very effective.

Labels, Stickers and Tags

Recent trends have allowed people to explore new products and brands without making much effort. Meanwhile, with the availability of many alternative options, customers don’t hesitate from switching brands or moving on to next store if adequate information is not conveyed to them through packaging. Not every customers feels comfortable for details like price, ingredients and if they are suitable for certain age bracket, so the packaging should be designed in a manner with all the necessary detail that just a simple glance would provide them with all the information they need to in order to about product specifications. For this purpose, tags, labels and stickers are used. So inculcating labels to clearly convey your information to clients can serve very well for your sales. Is considering the cost then they are simple investment but trust us, as packaging service providers, we can assure you that they have the impact that goes way ahead than you think.

Biodegradable Packaging

Considering past years awareness and heated debates about climate changes, people have started inclining towards more environment friendly products. Moreover after the past year especially, majority have adapted to zero waste lifestyle which brings your Kraft Packaging or simply biodegradable packaging into the picture. You must also adapt to it and make sure you have your environment friendly packaging range prepared for your climate enthusiastic client. Meanwhile,Custom Packagingis ever evolving and there are no fixed formats about it as it changes according to people and time trends. However, by considering aforementioned trends while designing your packaging, you will be serving your clients exactly what they want and like. Moreover, by keeping yourself properly engaged with latest market changes and cautiously observing customers’ preferences, you can still cast a spell over your clients and make them fall in love with your packaging.


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