Cigarettes are, despite all official efforts to reduce their usage, most consumed all around the world.

At different ages, it beholds varying values. For a teenager, a cigarette can be a mere symbol of being ‘cool’, or a simple submission to peer pressure. Whereas, for a young adult, it may be an addiction. However, for a mature person, it may be a job requirement, a class symbol, or a way to escape the constant state of stress for a while.

Whatever the reason and meaning it may emphasize, the smoker is always, and most probably subconsciously, influenced by the custom Cigarette Boxes . As a cigarette is nevertheless a product, and product packaging has an undeniable impact on its target audience.

Meanwhile, the manufacturers must create a beautiful packaging design to appeal to their customers most intrinsically. Although cigarettes are mostly of similar sizes and shapes. Although the flavour details may vary, there are still different kinds of Cigarette Packaging . Different brands prefer different box materials, and box styles to bring a touch of exclusiveness and uniqueness to their products.

This helps them to stand out and perform beyond the market standard. Also, enables them to rise above their competitors strategically.

Types of Cigarette Boxes

The types are based on box formats, designs, and materials used. So, most commonly, they can be categorized into three main groups

Based on box materials

Each brand has its unique target audience. So to purposefully deliver your message, and protect the product against all external demands, you can choose the suitable packaging material for your custom Cigarette Boxes as per defined requirements.

You can have cardboard boxes , corrugated boxes , bux board boxes for standard packaging designs. However, it can also be made in kraft boxes for environmentally sustainable packaging. You can also have them produced in rigid boxes to magnify the significance and give a luxurious appeal.

Based on box style

There are different packaging styles. Where the standard packaging styles are a single-piece box with a lid style; a hinged lid, and a shell and slide pack which offers the same protection as the hinge-lid pack. Other popular formats are shoulder packs or clamshell packs. This is a stiff cardboard pack with a lid that opens in the same way as a tin of cigars. Meanwhile, these different designs grant the freedom to sustain market competition. They also empower you to develop your brand image that stands out with creative strategies.

The consumer-oriented designs that make the user experience easy and comfortable have more chances of getting an edge over others. While the market-oriented designs with innovative styling have the most probability of getting hyped up overnight. Meanwhile, not to mention the designs that have both attributes they are bound to skyrocket your sales!

Based on printing designs

When it comes to this category, there is not much distinction as every product owner has his own taste in designing and layouts. However, the simplest categorization is of being plain, warning-oriented designing, monotonic colour designing, or funky, or classic approach.

Furthermore, features like tape gold foiling and gloss lamination are most commonly used. However, by combining varying features, box styles, and packaging materials, as per your packaging demands and marketing requirements, you can make a distinction! This will help to create your packaging in nonpareil designs and ensure your effective business results.

Most Suitable Material for Retail Purposes?

As retail industry requires a long list of attributes for the survival and if required, thriving of the product in the market. You can say that the box material; cardboard is the justified material to get for custom packaging services . As the weight of such a product is not much, so it does not require much safety. But to give high standard appeal, you can also get them in rigid box material .

Concluding it all, owing to different demands and unique product requirements, to answer this question, you will need to ask yourself first, what are you looking for in custom packaging?


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