If you look in your surrounding and focus on the most famous brands, you will find a few colours repeated mostly and used by certain renowned brands. This is not a coincidence, or a result of the rivalries, there is a reason behind why some colours like yellow, red, black, purple and blue are most commonly used by numerous brands.

And it is also not common preference or liking for the colours, there is a scientifically proved and sound reason behind it.

What is Colour Psychology?

Colour psychology is the study of how different colours influence and determine human behaviours. It is considerably known that different colours ignite different emotions in our minds, but there is a whole science behind it and there lies a huge opportunity for you!

In custom packaging , colours are your most impactful tools.

They can get you the results you are looking forward to. It can make your audience see what you want them to see, make them feel what you want them to feel, and by triggering the right emotions in their subconscious mind, you can also make them do what you want them to do.

This is why it is so important for you to understand colour psychology, so you can use the most appropriate colours in your Rigid Boxes to resonate with your target audience in the most demanded manner.

What is the Role of Good Colour Scheme in Your Rigid Packaging?

The definition that colour psychology studies how different colours can determine human behaviors seem quite simple, but it needs a lot of digging to be able to utilize it properly in your marketing and packaging strategies.

There are different packaging styles and designs, and you could use any one you prefer, but it would be a lot wiser and more beneficial in longer term, if you decide the colour scheme a little more carefully and reasons backed with scientific based knowledge.

It can be and should be used in your all marketing tools; logo, banners, flyers, commercials, cards and packaging. But for a brand, the two most important things are the logo, as it speaks about your brand’s message, and the packaging because it is the first thing that interacts with your customers after they have made their purchase.

Different Colours and The Impact They Have on Customers

There are numerous colours now available in the market, but the primary colours are red, yellow, blue and green. The rest of the colours are seemed to be made after their different combinations. Meanwhile, as the Rigid Boxes is used for luxury and expensive product packaging, so it gets more crucial to choose the right colour combination to not risk lowering your worthy brand status.


The blue colour ignites the feeling of calmness, tranquillity, relaxation, authority, and peace. Therefore, it is often considered masculine and related to the sense of reliability. This makes it perfect for packaging your men or women’s skincare products, cosmetics, gift and sports product packaging.


It gives the message of health, good luck, nature, growth, wealth, income, and harmony. This makes the colour perfect for the brands and products that claim to be climate-friendly and chemical-free. As it makes viewers think of recycle green logo, so it would develop the relevant feeling and make your customers trust you easily in this regard.


Purple is the colour of royalty. It is associated with the mystical, magical, intriguing, problem solving, authoritative, imaginative, and spiritual vibes. So it is evidently perfect choice for high end product’s packaging . Moreover, it can be seen in banks, spas, cosmetics and serum boxes, makeup, and clothing brands. It makes your customers feel more interested and impressed by the product, subconsciously.


The colour of passion, high energy, love, and enthusiasm. However, it is also related with feelings like warmth, curiosity and confidence. It drives hunger, energy, and passion into whatever it is placed in. So if you own a food brand, and want your buyers to feel instant hunger, interest and mysterious urge to taste your food items, then this can be your best buddy. However, the Rigid Boxes material is not usually preferred for food packaging, but you can also get the same results by using the same psychology with other materials.

Orange and Pink

The orange colour is specifically associated with the youthful feelings; affordability, humor, and change as well. This colour allows you to give the message of revolution, growth and relativity. It also allows you to friendly engage with your customers. Like for products like gym wear, athlete wears and items, it is a perfect choice as it indicates energy, intensity and change.

Whereas the colour pink gives more feminine, girly vibes, so it can be a suitable colour to add in toys and makeup packaging.

Yellow and Grey

It refers to positivity, energy, cheerfulness, warmth, and danger. Therefore, we often find warning signs painted with yellow colour. Meanwhile, they can be a good option for food and makeup product packaging.

On the other side, grey is the formal, professional, and decent shade. It is mostly used in corporate sector; so you can use if for packaging office items, and business card packaging. But its use can not be limited to the office products, it is also perfect to blend with white or black to packaging your high end men’s apparels, accessories and perfumes.

Black and White

The black, being blank and dark, is considered as powerful, and mystique that makes it perfect for numerous products. And the white, similarly, can be used for numerous products as it directs cleanliness, purity, and freshness. However, it also gives the cold and black look at first.

All the colours certainly induce different emotions, but the combination of them can magnify the impact and help you reach to your audience in more effective manner.

When you combine various colours, you’re not only mixing shades but also inviting different feelings at the same time in your customer’s mind.

Because the colours matter!

As all the colours are drawn from nature, and nature taught us what certain colors mean. So, it is best to use colours according to nature’s rules.

Mostly often, majority of the times people buy certain product just because they simply liked the product and colours on it, as per the findings of research conducted by the Seoul International Color Expo. This dictates that people make purchasing decisions based on what they expect from the colours they see and whether they feel the colors are doing what they are supposed to do.

Therefore, Carl Jung, one of the world’s most influential psychologist, referred to colour as mother tongue of the subconscious.” He was a psychotherapist, behaviorist and so studied people’s behaviour at much deeper level. His findings about the colour psychology and their link with human behaviours led him to develop art therapy; which is all about using different colours to evoke various emotions and feelings.

But it is not all about evoking certain emotions. It is also about using right colours to meet consumers’ expectations for products and brands. Consider colors that are bad fits for certain products or types of services, like a bright yellow and orange logo for a bank or a brown or gray box for feminine hygiene products. These colors feel wrong to us because they don’t match our expectations.

What does it all mean? It means that the colours you add in your Rigid Boxes play a huge role in directing how well your product does in the market. So you should be very considerate and educated about the colours you’re choosing for your product packaging because they will be eventually driving your customers’ behavior’s, and influencing their buying decisions, resultantly.


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