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Auto Lock Boxes

An Auto lock box is a folding carton box with a specialized cut pattern that locks the bottom automatically when little pressure is applied to its sides. Therefore, it is also referred to as auto-lock bottom boxes. These boxes lay flat until pressure is put upon its sides and then the box pops into the shape with its bottom already sealed tightly.
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For What Products Auto Lock Boxes Can Be Used For?

Auto-Lock Boxes are especially famous for their strength and capacity to withstand a certain amount of weight which makes them exclusively useful for heavy-weighted products. These types of boxes are common and the best choice for packaging various retail products. Auto Lock boxes are best used to enhance your product’s display glamour and secondly, to improve the quality of your overall packaging; as they give the sense that they are customized for your specific demanding product because it would fit in perfectly. Plus your logo and exclusive color scheme will add more to its overall appearance. These boxes are easy to assemble and strong enough to resist the weight of your product and standstill. So, due to this peculiarity, they are special and mostly used in the packaging of the following industries’ products:

Add Window to Display Your Product Better!

A window can also be added to give a glimpse of your packed good to the outside world. It can enable you to not only display your product in style but also give an insight to the people of your product, creating a sense of curiosity in them and it can surely boost your sales in many ways.

Get Your Exclusive Packaging!

Through our special services of custom boxes , you can make your brand look different from the rest. As we know that competition is only increasing day by day, which is making it difficult for companies to continue their sales and maintain their charismatic exclusivity. However, custom boxes are still the most authentic source to protect your reputation and attract more customers. Updating your brand and packaging according to the recent trends and market shifts can prove to be very beneficial and help you stay firm in the market, unlike many “brands”.

Adopt to Evolve

In this modern world, where almost every sector has adopted advanced forces of production and modern tools have become a common part in almost every walk of life, such innovative designs are formed with the use of advanced machines and technology which accord an advanced sense to them. Meanwhile, Custom Auto Lock  Boxes are a kind of design that are not only best for your modern commodity production but also most suitable to reflect the time they are being produced in.

Around the Clock

Best Custom Boxes value your time and understand the fact that in such fast-paced life, all domains have become saturated, and thus, we all are rushing to secure our place and stand out among others. Therefore, to completely consider your all requirements without consuming much time, we give you our services round the clock. With a special online service team, we specialize in providing you all the guidance and necessary considerations to make sure you get the best out of your custom boxes!

Global Availability

Unlike in the past, today geographical barriers have become almost meaningless. One can reach, view, and connect to the other part of the world through virtual communication and all credits to the digital revolution. Meanwhile, we also take advantage of this digital market and the unlimited access to people all around the globe, which has enabled us to reach all our customers, irrespective of their location. So don’t worry because no matter where you live, we take orders and deliver our custom boxes to almost all regions and every nook of it.

Economical Yet Qualitative Services

Best Custom Boxes is the leading service provider company. We specialize in various kinds of custom boxes for different categories of products, and luckily, auto lock boxes are one of those boxes. So who can make them perfect than the company who is most famous for it?Moreover, with the help of our dedicated team of professional designers, we help you create the most suitable design for your brand and the specific product. With the availability round the clock and free services worldwide, we not only corroborate your convenience but also qualitative services!

Specs Name Specs Detail
Dimensions Any Custom Size/Style/Shape/Design
Printing CMYK, PMS, Digital and Plain (Non-Printed)
Card Stock 10pt to 28pt Kraft, Cardboard, Corrugated and Colored Stock.
Quantities 100 boxes to start with
Add – On 100 boxes to start with
Proofing Flat View, 3D Digital Proofing, Physical Sampling (On request)
Coating/Finish Gloss Finish, Matte Finish, Spot UV, Spread UV and Blind UV etc…
Default Process Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Pasted, Assembled and Flat Ship
Turn Around Time 4-6 Business Day to Dispatch, Rush/Expedite
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