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Perfume Boxes

Perfumes have become a great alternate to spending hours in the mall when trying to buy someone a gift. Nowadays one can easily select perfume and present it to their loved ones on several occasions. Meanwhile, their delicate nature and aesthetic smell allure the recipient, but the outer appearance matters too when we talk about things that are presented as gifts. So how your perfume looks from the outside is equally appealing as its aroma. Therefore don’t shy away from investing little to improve the look of your expensive perfume collection by having Perfume Boxes from Best Custom Boxes. Our exquisite Custom Perfume Boxes are cautiously designed to keep your perfumes safe and without compromising on their appearance to make them perfect for all purposes.


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Luxury Perfume Boxes for Product Packaging!

Perfumes are usually considered luxury items. Not required by all people, but seen as a necessity by the elite class. Appraised by many for gifting purposes and loved by all once bought. But where many people think of it as a mandatory part of their routine, what makes few people think of it as unnecessary? One of the main reasons can be the fact that most of the perfumes are above the common man’s range. And that’s what makes it a luxury product. But despite all this, people have started to adopt this luxury product in their lifestyles. So today we can find beautifully shaped perfume bottles with aesthetic caged aromas displayed in custom perfume boxes on retail shelves in marketplaces.

Have Your Edge In Neck To Neck Competition!

Meanwhile, such demand has expanded business and increased product value in the market without any doubt. But the saturation and everyday increase in manufacturers has tightened the competition more than ever. As people are adopting nice quality perfumes in their monthly purchases, and love to wear them while performing their usual activities. It has become quite difficult for companies to maintain their customers. No one is presented with numerous options and brands to choose from when he goes to buy perfume from any store. And this has cost companies high budgets and market reputations. But a true business owner realizes that ups and downs are an inevitable part of the business. All you need to do is build a strategic approach to face every situation unhesitatingly. And the solution for your these problems is Best Custom Boxes ! Get your products a unique look with custom printed boxes . Give them an aesthetic packaging that is just right for their size, theme and reflects the product specifications perfectly.

Compel Your Customers to Pick Your Product Over Others!

Owing to the great competition and multiple sellers in the market; which are making efforts round the clock to beat you in order to increase their sales, there is a high probability of people ignoring your product absolutely. Unless you give them a good reason to pause for a while once they have glanced at your product and then impress them with your perfume quality and quaint aromas. In the meantime, compelling your customers to consider your product above others available to them at the same time. As customers don’t hesitate in leaving a perfume and going for another brighter one. So companies have to come up with creative tricks to allure them and ensure that they buy their perfumes. And appealing Perfume Boxes are a nice way to make them pause for a while and hold them for long enough time to make a stride.

Become a Gift Material

Other than using perfumes for personal use, people also love giving and receiving perfumes as gifts. But this preference has been long observed by many brands already and thus, they have launched their exclusive gift perfume ranges . These perfumes are nicely packed in entrancing boxes to give them a luxurious look even before making their receivers feel royal. Meanwhile, if you are intending to mark your space in the market and upgrade your business, you must get custom packaging services from Best Custom Boxes . Our Perfume Boxes are designed with consideration of your product requirements and crafted with care to fit in your delicate perfumes properly. With our Perfume Boxes , you are guaranteed to attract customers like honey attracts bees and tempt them into buying it as if they need it! People love buying products with captivating packaging . All credit goes to social media platforms. It has increased market sales by making them wisely switch to custom packaging; which then helps them in attracting Netizens massively.

Ensure the Safety of Your Delicate Perfumes With Our Custom Perfume Boxes

Exchanging perfumes as gifts or even when bought for personal use, no one would enjoy opening Perfume Boxes to discover that your expensive bought item has been destroyed completely. A standard packaging, as it is not fit for every shape and size, can result in such heartbreaking scenarios. In order to avoid disappointing your clients and bringing embarrassment and a bad reputation to your name, a company should certainly get Custom Perfume Packaging. When you get custom packaging services from us, Perfume Boxes are designed and manufactured with the highest quality material exclusively for your product – making them perfect and the most suitable packaging to avoid any mishap.

Communicate Your Message Directly With Custom Perfume Packaging

Besides the purpose of enhanced product presentation and safety, Custom Perfume Boxes can help you convey your message to your target audience directly . How? Let’s see. Consider you have decided to make a special kids perfume series and planning to launch it next month. After years of market experience and notable reputation, you finally feel in a place to step up your business and increase your product categories. However, with multiple other brands serving kids ranges, and with the basic standard packaging which can be availed by anyone, how can you expect to make a significant impact in the market and among customers?

Yes, that’s where Custom Perfume Boxes would come in. They would not only help you display your goods prominently but also enable you to convey your message easily to your target audience. You can have your logo displayed prominently which can help your existing customers to recognize your new product immediately. Moreover, you can also have creative illustrations and bright colors to attract children impressively. Specific information that can help you increase your sales – like if your product is certain chemical-free or long-lasting which can give customers a good reason to buy your product – can also be added on custom packaging .

Go Green With Our Kraft Perfume Boxes

For our environmentally cautious customers, we prepare our custom boxes with Kraft Paper to help you achieve your business goals without compromising climate safety.

Get Creative With Best Custom Boxes

With Best Custom Boxes , you don’t have to worry about anything. Our representatives will take care of everything. From guiding you about our services to helping you in making the best choice for your product. After all your requirements are carefully considered, our skilled designers will prepare a free 2D and 3D model for you to make your decision efficiently. Other than that, our designers will also provide you with all sorts of options which can be taken to pack your product safely; like two-piece style, reverse tuck, semi-auto lockboxes. All these styles are ideal for Perfume Boxes. From makeup boxes, lip gloss packaging, eyeshadow boxes, and hairspray boxes, you can get your Perfume Boxes created in any material which you think suits your budget and product the best.

Additionally, you can have your boxes laminated with gloss or matte finish with gold or silver foiling. Or have your logo or tagline embossed or debossed, however, you prefer? All these features would certainly add more to your packaging if coupled appropriately.

Choose Wisely, Attract Widely

With over ten years’ experience in the Custom Packaging Industry, Best Custom Boxes quite take pride in our capabilities in the field of designing and manufacturing all sorts of Custom Packaging boxes which are unrivaled in the industry of packaging boxes . Each year we supply tons of thousands of high-quality wholesale custom boxes globally to product manufacturing industries and have served a number of fully satisfied customers. To completely discuss our clients’ requirements, we really appreciate a detailed conversation and within the minimum turnaround time, we offer the best quality custom boxes ! Moreover, with our Free Designing Services which can be availed to have several design options for Perfume Boxes , and complimentary delivery services, we make it all easy for you! Don’t let your customers slip away anymore, Get Your Quote Today!

Specs Name Specs Detail
Dimensions Any Custom Size/Style/Shape/Design
Printing CMYK, PMS, Digital and Plain (Non-Printed)
Card Stock 10pt to 28pt Kraft, Cardboard, Corrugated and Colored Stock.
Quantities 100 boxes to start with
Add – On Custom Die Cut Window, Silver/Gold Foiling, Embossing, Stamping.
Proofing Flat View, 3D Digital Proofing, Physical Sampling (On request)
Coating/Finish Gloss Finish, Matte Finish, Spot UV, Spread UV and Blind UV etc…
Default Process Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Pasted, Assembled and Flat Ship
Turn Around Time 10-16 Business Day to Dispatch, Rush/Expedite

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