Boxes are one of the most common package materials available all over the world. Some other package materials have also evolved in the meantime such as paper and plastic bags. However, both of these bags had certain issues and concerns. These issues were low strength and less security for items stored. These issues and problems were solved by boxes. Boxes have evolved and modified in numerous ways. One of the most simple and innovative types of storage boxes is a custom auto-lock box . These boxes provide security as well as easy locking and packing methods.

Packing Made Easy

Easy operations are the key requirement of every firm and every production unit. Methods are utilized for maximizing productivity and increasing customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is one of the key pillars of a successful business or service. Boxes using the auto-lock feature have improved customer satisfaction and customer interface immensely. These boxes make use of auto-lock features that enables easy storing and packing of items and goods. This feature works in a simple way. These boxes are made from one continuous sheet of cardboard. The single cardboard sheet is folded and cut patterns are produced on each side. The sheet is converted into a box using these cut patterns. The top side is designed such that it can be locked and unlocked easily. The topside is locked by applying slight force and inserting it into one of the cut patterns.

Products Stored in Auto-Lock Boxes

Custom auto-lock boxes are immensely valuable and popular due to their locking method. Apart from a safe and easy packing of the item, these boxes have a great amount of strength. Good strength enables these boxes to resist heavyweight and force, thus increasing the protection of the stored item. These boxes can be assembled and disassembled with ease using cut patterns produced on different sides of the box.

  • Cosmetic products widely use these boxes for easy packing and storing of related items
  • Pharmaceutical industries make use of custom auto-lock boxes for packing medicines
  • Perfumes, body sprays, and facial hair items are usually packed in these boxes for providing a good outlook
  • Bakery items are also packed in these boxes
  • All fast food industries utilize these boxes

Apart from the above-mentioned products, many more industries make use of these boxes for packing products.

Box Modifications

Many techniques and methods are available for modifying a simple box into something special. Modifications are generally done to make boxes more attractive. This improves brand and product promotion. These boxes can be modified by coloring the box and inserting print designs. Print design can include logos and trademarks as well as product information.

Another method used for modification is using transparent see-through plastic. This see-through plastic is applied on the front face of the box and provides a look into the product stored. This method is being used for a long time however some modifications have taken place recently. Boxes are made that have see-through plastic on more than one side. Some boxes provide a design pattern using these see-through plastic materials.

Cheap and Easy Availability

The name of the box might suggest it could be expensive to accommodate one. But these boxes are some of the cheapest. Custom Auto-lock boxes are made up of cardboard materials that are readily and easily available throughout the world. In comparison, plastic and paper bags are cheap in some parts of the world however due to their low strength and security, they are substandard. Boxes provide some major benefits such as easy packing and storing as well as easy stacking. Boxes are easy to stack on one another than to stack items in the same way. Apart from strength and safety, these boxes provide extra security with an auto-lock feature.


Boxes making use of the auto-lock feature are innovative and simple. These boxes provide more strength and security compared to traditional boxes and are easy to stack and carry. However, one prime advantage of these boxes is that they are portable. These boxes can be assembled and disassembled with ease using cut patterns produced on the surfaces. In this way, these innovative boxes can be folded easily or assembled only when required.


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